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I had to add to the smell of the crowd.

Frost and Fire (short story)

Great, great story in Blood Song! Thank you so much for this wonderful tale, and when, oh-please-please-let-it-be-soon, when, is Book 2? Absolutely loved, loved, loved this book. Read it from cover to cover in 1 day!

A Fire's Shadow: A Collection of Short Stories from Life (Paperback or Softback)

Could not put it down. Will there be a sequel? Great read! Keep up the writing and we will keep up with the reading. Hey Cepulis, just curious about your opinion of Game of Thrones? Not trying to come across in a negative way, but your first sentence had me wondering if you liked the books or not. I think that you really have something there that will only keep on getting bigger. Did I miss the part where you said when book 2 is coming out?

I plan on reading your Slab series next. Blood Song was amazing! I see that author has potential to be like RR Martin. Just finished the Blood Song. Loved it!! Eagerly waiting for the Book II. I presume, Tower Lord!! Just wanted to say that Blood Song is a fantastic work of fantasy. Great character work and good story. Looking forward to book two. I just want to say thank you for Blood Song. This was an amazong book and I look forward to reading more of your works in the future.

And I have to say that I am in awe of your talent. You are not only a great writer, you are a Hell of an editor, as well. I look forward to reading your next novel, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that…. Up until six months ago I read everyday… But with all the same old, same old we see in fantasy these days I just grew tired of the monotony. That is until I gave the sample of Blood Song a try..

100 Great Works of Dystopian Fiction

I was immediately hooked!! Is there a print copy available? If so where can I get one…and I would definitely pay whatever your asking for a signed copy to add to my collection.. You should also consider an adio version.. I have several friends that only listen to their books on the way to work, and I would hate for them to miss out on this amazing book. Thanks, and keep it up!! I take a bow! I can not put down in words how much I enjoyed Blood Song.

Thanks Greg. With luck your hope should be rewarded some time next year. Followers of this blog will know when I do. Especially if it guaranteed me a first edition, hopefully signed. You are definitely my favorite author. I must have read 30 or 40 books in the past year. I have to admit that I found it fascinating. I am in agreement with many of the posters here. Write more! Charge more when you do! Holy Crap — What a story. I bought it on Amazon as it had so many great reviews and it definitely did not disappoint!

Great writing style, characters I actually cared something for and a great story. Like many above I go through a book a week and this is my book of the year so far. I am guessing the next book will be priced higher and I for one will not give a damn. Bravo sir! Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome read! I have read quite a lot of fantasy and SF so I am kind of picky nowadays. Keep up the outstanding work! Just finished reading Blood Song. What a fantastic find! I read a lot of fantasy, and I have to say I would put this up with my all-time favorites such as George R. Bravo, Anthony.

Alternatively, you could download a pdf from Smashwords and print it off, but you might want to stock up on printer ink first. Hi Anthony, fantastic work with Blood Song!

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A perfect combination of complexity and epic story-telling without getting overly complicated like Erikson or tangled up like George R. I finished your book the other day and I really loved it! I am eagerly waiting for the next book in the Blood Song series. You well deserve to charge more for your excellent work.

I just wanted to say thanks for writing the best fantasy book I have read ………. I found this by chance searching on my Kindle and I am so glad I did. The only problem I have now is everything else I try to read just does not compare. Just amazing work. Thanks again. These lonely songs Of tears and sorrow Painted with flowers Painted with blood Fill my frail heart. Thanks for such beautiful writing — yamabuki. Outstanding in every element! I would echo Ryan G. This book with the proper marketing and cover should be a best seller. Book club on Friday, and this will be my selection for next week.

Look forward to book 2, and hope that you see all of the success this work so richly deserves. Joining in on the hordes who loved battle song. A fantastic read! Complex, in-depth writing, I loved the characters and the tale. Also voting for the next installment as soon as you are able! Arguably the most gripping, coherent, and inspiring work of fantasy I have read.

Wish it were prescribed reading for my Masters. Ryan, Congratulations on your recent draft finish and your achievement in Blood Song. You are a gifted storyteller and I look forward to purchasing more of your work.

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Blood song is such an epic fantasy,compelling storylines,fleshed out characters and a master crafted world to wrap it all in. I have read fantasy for over 40 years and i have got to say its been many a year since ive read a book of the calibre of Blood song. You sir MR Ryan are a star! Amazing read! I want to thank you for rekindling my love for fantasy fiction that sadly has been lost for the past few years. I was very psyched to read the Tower Lord milestone 6. Now my plan of mailing you a ridiculous amount of coffee in hopes of helping you finish faster seem unnecessary… I have made sure all of my friends have purchased a copy.

Keep up the fantastic work! Congrats on finishing first draft of Tower Lord. Just discovered your work and finished everything in the last month so looking forward to publishing date. Blood Song was an amazing read. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Just read Blood song yesterday while i was pulling a 24 hour guard duty.. Wow, I dont usually write reviews, but wow. Blood Song grabs you by the neck and does not let go. When you are done reading you want more, not because it leaves you wanting, just simple not wanting it to end.

It does a better job than most with back story and going into such detail that you feel the pains and hopes of the characters. It brought back memories of my own unique military experiences from training to war. Some good, some not. But those experiences made me who I am. And you can see it in a very believable fashion shaping the characters into what they will become. No leap of fiath needed. As much as I love my Kindle, some books you just have to have on the shelf and this is one of them. I only have one major complaint. That I didnt hear about this sooner. Thank you, Anthony Ryan.

I was so disappointed…. Martin, and Hugh Howey to name a few. Wish I could get Blood song in hardcover for my bookshelf. Thanks Terry. Comment edited for the spoiler.

I have yet to ead Blood song although I will without a doubt since I enjoy your Slab city chronicles so much. Will there be nay Slab-city release in the near future? Thanks Fredrik. Hope to have it finished by Xmas. I loved the imagery and back story.

Character development was fantastic. Excellent job. This would also make a great video game. Book 2 is written and with my publisher — see my post in October. Congratulations, nice job, I think it will become a best seller. Have considered a Spanish translation? My fantasy-freak friends will appreciate it! Thanks Jofre.

However, foreign publication rights rest in the hands of my publisher so it would require a Spanish publisher buying the rights before it happens. Ryan, you are simply amazing! You are that good…no, you are better. Thank you for being such a good writer! Most Sincerely, Olivia Duncan. Many thanks OLivia. So much thanks, keep writing, and I wish you tons of success in your writing career.

I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Song. Anthony, you have a wonderful literary talent and you have popped onto my short list of authors to watch for new releases. Have to admit, I thought the reviews on Blood Song might be fake as a lot of independent authors on amazon have trumped up reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised. In the past year, Blood Song was one of perhaps four or five books I read that was truly memorable.

The edition I read really could have used some work from an editor as there were many grammatical errors, and I could have done a bit without some of the overly harsh foreshadowing at the end of chapters, but the story telling was so remarkable it easily made up for those minor faults. I read a TON of books, always have, and this one is a real standout. Not so with Blood Song; it was very engaging and kept me on my toes! Real talk, Mr. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. I am about halfway thru Blood Song now and i can not stop reading it, The story is captivating and the main character is awesome, I found this book on amazon looking for books like King of Thorns and Farseer trilogy, and I am really glad i found your book because so far it is the best yet.

Please hurry on the Tower Lord!! I loved Blood Song!!! Definitely one of the best books I have ever read! I have recommended it to many friends. So I was eager to read Slab City series and I downloaded the first two books off of this site. I wish I could say I liked book 1 but I gave up on it. I had to work way too hard to figure out what was going on. It kept me from bonding with the characters. Blood Song was easily one of the best books I read last year, this is good considering I read well over books last year :!

When is the second supposed to be coming out? I eagerly await it! It was a recommended read on the Kindle App. Someone in their review compared it. I loved David Gemmells books. But for a new […]. Anthony I would definitely love to see a full length slab city blues novel. Those books rock my socks bro. I agree! I knocked out all four in a day and I would love to have more! Will signed copies of Blood Song be available anywhere to pre-order or purchase online? Thanks for the info :]. Hi Matt, Yes, the audiobook is currently in production. No confirmed release date yet so watch this space.

I dove right in after reading preface and finished the chapter 1 right there in the aisles. I have looked far and wide for a story of this Caliber for some time. I am glad to have found this Amazing tale. Thanks for allowing me a glimpse into this amazing world. I just received Blood Song in the mail and am excited to start the series.

Awesome book! The only thing i wonder is why its not out on Audible. Thanks Matthew. The UK audio rights to Blood Song are held by Orbit who have decided not to release an audio version at this time. Loved the Blood Song! It was recommended to me via my Kindle and it was amazing, literally could not put it down. For those who can read German. Great and efficient storytelling. It ist more important how the story ist told, than what is told. I have not even finished the book, but I am so impressed with the storytelling that I am commenting. Terribly clever the way the story is being told. I only mention this because it was noted somewhere that you were also a fan of his work.

Britain may have to pass the crown to a new king of heroic fantasy. Just read the book for the third time. Cannot wait to buy the next in July hopefully A Truly great read, the kind you cant put down! Thank you sir. I really love blood song book 1. Blood song was amazing! I simply could not put it down!

I cannot wait for the next book! Please keep up the incredibly descriptive, entrancing, and exquisite writing! Not every author has the ability to create a world that draws the reader into it — you are one of the few!!! The 5 brothers reminded me so much of arthur and his knights, each with their own particular set of skills and faults, which i loved. Fascinating religious angle. Characters i wish i knew more about -rare.

And then you have them in such a diverse world where we see through only a small aperture of whats actually going on. A pleasure. Always a pleasure to get so frustrated i dont know why things are happening, i. Loved the sophisticated structure of this book, each working part making the whole even greater. Hope the second one is as good. What you be your preferred channel of choice for fans looking to purchase tower lord? Any and all formats and channels are fine with me, Kelvin.

Dear Anthony, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your work is amazing! Keep it up! The wait for Tower Lord is agonizing! Hi Zoe, Thanks for the kind words. The Greek rights have been bought, no info on a release date yet though. Best, Anthony. I just want to say what an absolutely gripping and enthralling read Blood Song was. It was without a doubt one of the best books I have read in a long, long time, and is very much up there with the greats. Thanks for the incredible journey — and good luck seeing Vaelin through some tough times for another incredible novel!

Tyheed Richardson rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Roots marked it as to-read Apr 16, Iroulito91 marked it as to-read Apr 22, Marko marked it as to-read Feb 14, Kevenelias marked it as to-read Mar 23, Fredricka Russell marked it as to-read Apr 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About John Henry Clark.

Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Supernatural

John Henry Clark. John Henry was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He served his country honorably in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War Era, after that he settled on Long Island, New York with his wife, where they raised four children and to date, have five grandchildren. He is a blue-collar worker and does not believe in hiring someone to do something he can do himself, which is just about anythin John Henry was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

He is a blue-collar worker and does not believe in hiring someone to do something he can do himself, which is just about anything, if given the time. John has always been an old school storyteller with an admiration for all its forms. Including the cinema, written stories, and the ones passed on by word of mouth.

He as written poems and stories as a hobby for as long as he can remember. In his debut publication, John shares memories from his experiences on the streets of Brooklyn, to his coming of age, as well as tales from mysterious and sometimes Dark Imagination. Books by John Henry Clark. Trivia About A Fire's Shadow No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. I sobbed so much reading this because she had to push through some awful things to get to where she was when she met Elisa. I really enjoyed getting to see her learn to lead and accept herself and grow as a person, without needing Julio as a crutch.

This novella was so heartwarming but also so sad because of all the terrible things she and the kids had to deal with. It was a great background story for Mara's character and makes me love her even more. Overall, this was a great novella and I really enjoyed it. Honestly, I think this novella was also amazing because of how many things it set up for the first book in the series.

I never saw it coming when I originally read the trilogy. It just makes me love Rosario even more and consequently dislike Alejandro more. I also really liked how in this novella we get to see how Hector formed friendships with Lucio and Fernando, some of my favourite characters from the last 2 books especially.

I also liked getting to see Felix Hector's older brother with his wife aboard the ship because they were never together in the trilogy.

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She's one heck of a woman and her scolding Hector was the highlight of my life. The line Hector said at the end about his three personal items being his love for his kingdom, king, and queen made my eyes a little misty because YAS that's my precious cinnamon roll you go Hector!!! Overall, I really loved this novella and it was obviously my favourite out of the three XD. I'd just suggest reading them if you're like me and can't get enough of this world after the third book ended.

I will say that I recommend reading The King's Guard after maybe the first book because it does have an important discovery in it, although, the discovery isn't really related to Elisa and her journey with the Godstone, it pertains more to the whole heir situation in the palace with Alejandro and why Hector is known as a man of few words. Mar 13, Jana rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars. She knows the land, its people and their cultures, the climate, even the flavor of the sea water so well that I suspect she's been there and these books are just an accounting of her travels.

As a fan of the original Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy, I was thrilled to have more insight into characters like Alodia, Mara, and Hector, and Carson did not disappoint in the slightest. Now that I've read these prequel stories, I need to go back and read the trilogy all over again, to look for mentions of Benito and Reynaldo or Lucio and Fernando, as well as a need to re-acquaint myself with Her Majesty Elisa.

This collection of stories would be a terrific introduction to Carson's style and Joya D'Arena for any reader who is unfamiliar with either, but it also filled in details for me and reminded me of just how much I love reading Rae Carson's work. Just so we're clear, I purchased this book and fangirled all over it without any prompting or incentive from the author, publisher, or anyone else.

These sparkly little thoughts are all mine. Jan 23, Mel Daily Prophecy rated it it was amazing Shelves: incoming , owned-books , read , novella. That's enough for now. Review will follow. Edit: I'm not reviewing this book on my blog, so I'm going to write down what I have to say over here.

We only know her as the 'better' sister who hates Elisa, but now we get to see that's not true. She values Elisa at the end of the story and I loved to see that development in their relationship. I mean, what more do I need to say before you pick this book up? This story alone is worth this book. And then there is a story about Mara, which was incredibly interesting and sad to read. Nov 15, Brianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-ve-seriously-loved , books-i-really-liked , read-in I really enjoyed all three stories.. Jun 11, Anna 'Bookbuyer' rated it it was amazing Shelves: own , series-i-need-to-finish.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. These were some really interesting short stories. Sometimes if I can't get into the main series I still love to read the novellas. The first one was really interesting.

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I thought the princess was really strong and that her sister was also strong but in a different way. I am curious to see how all these characters are in the main story. I felt bad for the poor eunuch guy. But glad that he and the princess have such a strong friendship. I had never realized that these short stories have a bit of a Me These were some really interesting short stories.

I had never realized that these short stories have a bit of a Mexican or Latin American feel to them. There were some words that I didn't completely get but thanks to my French I was able to have a good guess. I was very mad at the father in the second novella. He was a real piece of work. I'm glad that he died. I was really sad that Julio died though. He and Mara were a really cute couple. Mara was really strong and was able to lead all the children to safety.

In the third novella. I really liked Hector. He was a smart young man and very reliable. I was horrified at what Isabella's father had done to her.

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To disfigure her like that takes a truly sick mind. I'm glad that the king and queen will raise the baby. Jul 30, Isaa Jason rated it it was amazing. All just perfect. Perfect action and characters. May 13, Gunjan NerdyBirdie rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , read-in This bind-up: mindblowing. I liked this a lot. Mostly because it was funny to read how Alodia thinks.

And she has her moments. The Shattered Mountain is the second novella in the bind-up series. I liked this one, because I felt that Mara was always a strong. It was great to see her lead, and her backstory was so sad. I loved all the stories and the way they were written! Jan 09, Cathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites. The Fire and Thorns series is one of my favourites and one of many things I absolutely adored about the series is the way Rae Carson wrote her characters.

All her characters felt so REAL, and i'm so glad that we get to learn more about some of them. Each of these stories made me love the characters even more and reignited my love for the world that I was introduced to in The Girl of Fire and Thorns. Of the three, my favourite was definitely The Shattered Mountain Mara's story. Jun 08, Ana rated it liked it Shelves: novella , fiction , north-american-literature , united-states-literature , fantasy , young-adult , 21st-century. Writing style, pacing, you name it. Carson does everything right. The Shattered Mountain : Mara is great, as usual.

Jun 01, Jessica rated it really liked it. I love Rae Carson's writing so much and hope that there are more books set in this world. It was pleasure reading from Hector's, Mara's, and Alodia's perspective. May 23, Devon rated it really liked it Shelves: own. Jul 29, Rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: releases , harpercollins , shorts. And all I want now is to reread the entire series.