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This Cafeteria lunch is so chaff.

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That was a chaff pool shot. A person kept around during the zombie apocalypse by a group of survivors as the designated bait when running from zombies. Usually a slower, heavier or asthmatic person without stamina. It has its origins in WWII radar counter-measures - bogus targets dropped by aircraft to confound enemy surveillance. Look around, if you can't pick him out, it's you!

Classic cars: Separate the wheat from the chaff – how to make the right buy!

A chaff is the name given to a group or person of people who are moronic junkies who have dead end jobs and live in a rough estate. A radar countermeasure; a cloud of material which creates a cluster of false targets that swamps enemy radar, diverting attacks away from the primary target. A situation or person which conflicts with one's own situation or beliefs. Often used at prep schools in Northern New Hampshire.

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Damn, that kid is such a chaff. I hate that tool.

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This homework is such a chaff. Highly reflective debris launched from the back of aircraft to confuse radar guided missiles. Chaff is usually launched together with pairs of flares , which throw off infra-red guided missiles. Hot girl summer Expert tips from Filippo Pignatti Morano. Once you have selected which car you would like to add to your garage, the question will be where can I buy one without having to have worries after the purchase?

Or shall I rent one, to satisfy my dream and not have to worry about all the worries that are involved with a classic car? Unfortunately, where there is a lot of money there is also fraud and crime. Therefore, follow the advice above, and hire only an independent advisor with no conflict of interest.

There are classic car starting at EUR 5.

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Some funds also give you the possibility to drive the cars of the fund or you can join classic cars events hiring a car. In this last possibility, you have to be careful who you choose and read carefully through the hiring car contract. Classic cars have always been regarded as an investment. While, in the past, collectors used to invest out of passion, value growth is increasingly becoming an important driver — especially with the international press reporting about fetched record prices at auctions.

The demand for classic cars will increase, but the number of this cars not, therefore the price will rise in the future.

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Real jewels can be worn on an evening out — but they usually stay in the safe. Chrome jewels, on the other hand, can be shown and experienced much more often and sold, of course in any part of the world being tangible and mobile. As mentioned, many times over now, we feel that the auction world and its results may not be the right way to judge the classic car market and, by extension, other cars. The market must not be reduced to an unsold car at an auction. Every car must be valued by its own history and supporting documents. We have been asked more often lately to view vehicles to prove how original the car is making sure the numbers match and the vehicle is correctly advertised.

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Whitney Cup. Antiques and collectibles. Only pieces with provenance are sought at auctions….