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  • Bestselling Series?
  • Explicit Content.
  • Das große Los by Meike Winnemuth;
  • Life After Wartime?
  • Lebe ich den Traum? Reisebericht - Reisedepeschen?

Au feu! Au jardin du temps qui passe. Autumn leaves A. Autumn leaves Live Germany Autumn leaves Live London Autumn leaves M. Legrand version. Aux marches du palais. Aux marches du palais duet with Serge Lama. Aux marches du palais TV It made me think a lot about myself and isnt that what all books should do? In this case, reading it over a long time period made it only better. Warning: this book evokes wanderlust. A LOT. May 31, Michelle rated it really liked it. Jun 15, Lukrezia Cosimo rated it really liked it Shelves: uk , travel.

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A bit light, but thoroughly good fun. Sometimes the author could have gone into a bit more depth about some of the cities. The low point was the author's conversation with her younger self, which didn't add anything.

Writing each month as a letter to a different reader didn't fully work. The different addressees weren't clearly enough distinguished most of the time. Loved the author's travel wardrobe. Can definitely learn something from that!

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Sep 15, Carina rated it it was amazing. May 10, Annette rated it it was amazing. Herrlich - ein Reisebericht, der eigentlich keiner ist. Das macht Spass - und ich habe noch nie so viele Stellen in einem Buch eBook markiert Feb 11, Charlotte rated it it was amazing. Ein Buch, das Sehnsucht aufs Reisen macht. So schlau an vielen Stellen.

Die Zahl der Eselsohren Zitate, die ich mir rausschreiben muss. Jun 15, Johanna rated it it was amazing. Doch, man kann. Mar 20, Ele Libelle rated it did not like it Shelves: abgebrochen. Fand ich langweilig. Meike Winnemuth is a journalist who won She decided to use that money to go travelling. For 12 month she wanted to live in 12 different cities. During that time she wrote a blog that won awards and finally got published as a book. In 12 letters Winnemuth writes about her experiences during her year away. This book was recommended to me by my mother and it sounded amazing. I love to travel and the idea of living in 12 different cities was ju Meike Winnemuth is a journalist who won I love to travel and the idea of living in 12 different cities was just brilliant.

I went with the audiobook because with my limited time it seemed to be the best option. And driving to work while being in Sydney or Mumbai was wonderful. Winnemuth is reading her book herself.

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At the beginning I was not sure that was a good idea. I got into her reading style after some time but I still think a professional narrator would have been better. The book itself disappointed, too. I was expecting interesting stories about life and culture in 12 different countries. Instead I got a self-help book seriously, I was asked by a friend if I listened to a self-help book when she happened to listen to 5 minutes when Winnemuth was in Copenhagen. It depended from city to city if Winnemuth described her life and the difficulties of living somewhere else or if she went on and on how this year changed her and how everything is possible and YOU should change your life, too.

Most texts are from the blog anyway and the ones that are missing are the self-help kind of texts that nobody needs anyway. On a positive note at the end, I loved her last chapter where she gave great tips for people wanting to travel for a longer time or do a year like hers.

I caught the traveling fever again… Jun 28, Marcella rated it really liked it. Denn sie traut sich und geht einfach los. Im Alter von 50 Jahren. Aber Frau Winnemuth hat es mehr als nur vorgemacht: Sie hat wundervoll beschrieben, wie viel man gewinnen kann, wenn man einfach nur wagt. Rausgehen, sich trauen, neue Erfahrung machen wollen! Es bereichert, seelisch, intelektuell, ganzheitlich.

Mal hat mir das eine besser gefallen, mal das andere. Nov 03, Nele rated it really liked it. Jeden Monat ihres Weltreisejahres verbringt Winnemuth in einer anderen Stadt. Oct 28, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: reiseberichte. Die Autorin hat mich auf Seite 1 am Schlawittchen gepackt im positiven Sinne und mich bis zur letzten Seite nicht mehr losgelassen. Auch die von der Autorin geschilderten "Innenansichten" fand ich sehr spannend. Aber nicht nur inhaltlich hat mir das Buch gefallen. Selten habe ich ein Buch gelesen, das mich so sehr zum Lachen, Weinen und zugleich und vor allem zum Nachdenken gebracht hat!

Apr 08, Wiebke 1book1review rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction.